The Necessity Of Learning To Write Cursive


Armed with a life’s worth of personal journals, a few letters from my grandmother, a familiarity with my mother’s bold sweeping strokes, and an old Palmer Penmanship book from the early part of the century, I determined I would tighten up my cursive handwriting. I’d always had decent handwriting, but I had decided, one late […]

What Do You Do With Your Old Art?

destroy old art

Apartment life means I don’t have a lot of room to store things, and that’s a bad combination for an artist. I used to work solely on paper, and large paper, which has left me with a question: what should I do with my old art? I enjoy looking at the old art, pulling them […]

One Truth That Achieves Magical Results

do unto others

Everyone is looking for magic. Somewhere out there is a key that unlocks untold riches, that taps into the zeitgeist, that seems so prescient you could write a series of bestselling business books about it. Maybe even Seth Godin or Malcom Gladwell would quote you if you did. The funny thing about magic is we […]